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My Golden Life Pinoy Family Teleserye Review

My Golden Life is a 2017 Pinoy TV Show of action highlighting Park Si-hoo, Shin Hye-sun, Lee Tae-hwan, and Seo Eun-soo. The game plan communicate on Pinoy Tambayan every Saturday and Sunday from 19:55 to 21:15

Synopsis: Revolves around a woman who inspires a chance to climb in status and a man who finds bliss in her.

A mother’s misled love has influenced her daughters to get swapped in status, in this manner the fearless lady Seo Ji-an enters the chaebol nuclear family to have a prevalent presence without acknowledging she is truly not their missing young lady, anyway her “past twin” sister. What will happen to her once the puzzle get revealed, and what will happen to her relationship with the offspring of chaebol family Choi Do-kyung, whom she has moved closer to as kinfolk?

Review: Picture two sisters, both 28. One of them, Seo Ji A (Shin Hae Sun), is a skilled young lady with a hard edge. In the wake of driving herself troublesome for quite a while to be asserted as an enduring laborer in a chaebol, she is accomplishing limit and losing her comprehension with social managers who step on her pride.

The other, Seo Ji Soo (Seo Eun Su), is flakier and increasingly happy. As of late, she has been stalking two men in the region – a baked good authority she needs to work for and a decorations maker she truly enjoys – with the confirmation of a secondary school fangirl.

If you were their mother and a lavish, savage woman were to impact into your home, promising one of your young women to be her missing young lady, whom would you surrender?

My Golden Life is a rich show springing from that minute between two mothers. The early scenes set up a genuinely obvious Cinderella story, as Ji A prepares to move in with her newfound family, the all inclusive community who happen to guarantee the association she works in.

Regardless, the show after a short time gets into a charming tumult, when taking everything in account, her mother (Kim Hye Ok), who has the method for a frightened rabbit, made sense of how to bamboozle her severe visitor. Ji Soo is the authentic recipient to the chaebol, which makes Ji an incidental impostor.

Ji An is full off to that nuclear family with the desire that they can give her what her own one of a kind people couldn’t – a chance to start by and by, live her dream and go to a craftsmanship school abroad – yet her mother’s arrangement may fold like a position of cards.

My Golden Life is the latest family performance in South Korean broadcaster KBS’s splendid week’s end opening, in any case, so it’s ensured to anticipate that in excess of 50 scenes, qualms will be imparted, activities will be insightful and misguided judgments will be relaxed away.

And yet it’s the craftsmanship of So Hyun Kyung, the creator of Seo Yeong, My Daughter (2012) and Brilliant Legacy (2009), and its story winds up being almost as significantly considered as those.

The account of sisters who are traded by their mother most likely won’t astound in structure. Nor is the catch of romcom storylines interfacing the youngsters and young ladies of the two families. At short closeness, nevertheless, the show has gently drawn characters, enthusiastic nuances and family lineages that appreciated you to go fundamentally closer.

Like Seo Yeong, My Golden Life researches how skepticism can be passed down from forever.

Ji Soo is less irate of the Seo family’s desperation than Ji A, possibly in light of the way that she was raised as the most adored young lady and never expected to tolerate the family’s cash related weight. Regardless, you will consider whether it is in like manner in light of the way that Ji A has obtained the skepticism of her mother, who still hasn’t absolved her father for his business disillusionment.

“People live because of people,” her father prompts her kin, who is hesitant to make a plunge and get hitched in light of the way that they are bankrupt.

Furthermore, I’m watching this because of them, people who are so hopeless yet so alive.

Rating: “My Golden Life” has wrapped up its continued running with its most raised viewership examinations ever.

According to Nielsen Korea, the last scene of “My Golden Life” which broadcasted on March 11, achieved the country over viewership evaluations of 45.1 percent, breaking their past record of 44.6 percent.

The performance pitched its first scene on September 2 of a year prior, with a productive start of 19.7 percent viewership rating. The manner in which that the performance could drastically expand its rating in the midst of its run exhibited the reputation of the show. It could keep up its reputation regardless of a couple dropped scenes due to the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics imparts. Every through it run, it continued breaking records in viewership assessments,

To praise their flourishing, the cast and gathering of the sensation will take off to Guam for a reward make tracks in an opposite direction from March 12 to 16.

From Dec. 12-14, Gallup Korea requested 1,007 people over the age from nineteen what their TV program was. Each part had a decision of including two activities that were not on the once-over.

“My Golden Life” came in first with 8.6 percent of the votes, and second spot went to “Limitless Challenge”. It is the principal gone through for a performance to advance beyond any and all individuals for two months in progression since “Sovereign Ki” (2014), which came in first for three to four months.

The show marks Writer So Hyun-kyung’s first bounce back since “Seoyoung, My Daughter” (2012), and is the second time her work has accomplished a viewership of 40%. It is the main gone through for a sensation to accomplishment 40% viewership since KBS 2TV show “The final product for My Family?” (2015).

Disregarding the way that “My Golden Life” consolidates dismal characters like a disappointed most seasoned kid, and a money focused chaebol family, it continues holding get-together of individuals premium. The performance is depended upon to continue with its high viewership streak.

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